Signature Drinks

First on the drinks menu, would be the “Refreshing Citrus Cucumber Orange“.  If you don’t eat vegetables, you can at least drink them!cucumber

Next on the list is our Lychee Cooler. If you’ve had enough mango and banana shake and would like another that’s is just as refreshing, you should go for this!

If you still can’t decide among the exotic drinks and would like to go with something safe, but still a very cold drink, Frozen Iced Tea should do the deal.

Coming from too much partying the night before and and would like to get something really healthy, Detox Water is calling you. Loaded with ginger, lemon slices, and cucumber slices.

0C534BDF-E993-44DD-B379-85A870ABDE15Pilya’s refreshing drinks are all served from upcylced bottles.

We also serve Coke products and San Miguel Beer.

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